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      Best Exotic Baby Names

~ New, Historical, Ancient, Mystical ~

    This great reference book is the culmination of decades of research for the meanings of names through studying their language. Over 4,000 names from 40 languages have been translated after 15 years of extensive and indepth research by the author, to fully understand the meaning of a name.
  Inspirational and empowering names were chosen for this unique full of beautiful names from exotic lands that are easy to pronounce and spell.
    Included are many interesting English names traced all the way back to Old English, then up through Middle English, and then, through the explosion of the imagination with the names given by the Early Americans (pilgrims 1600ís, colonists 1700ís, pioneers 1800ís).
    Enjoy mystical Sioux Indian names, sacred names from Sanskrit, and more; while discovering fascinating gems!

$11.95   (free shipping),
    168 pages, (5.5" x 8.5") paperback
Table of Contents:     (exotic names, early american names, extra exotic names)
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Exotic Baby Names book

global languages

Amharic, Arabic, Basque, Cree, Early American, English
Estonian, Finnish, French, Gaelic, Germanic, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi
Igbo, Inca, Ixil Maya, Japanese, Kikuyu, Latin, Lithuanian, Mandarin
Middle English, Norwegian, Old English, Persian, Russian, Sanskrit
Serb/Croatian, Shona, Sioux, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tibetan,
Turkish, Welsh, Yoruba, Yucateca Maya, Zulu

Tamire [tahm-meer-ray]   My Magic. (Amharic)
    Tammer [tam-mur] Miracle.

Naila [nigh-lah]   To Get want she Wants. w (Arabic)
    To recieve what she wants, because she deserves it!

Loramendi [lor-ah-mehn-dee]   Mountain Flower. w (Basque)
    "Lora": "Flower" + "Mendi": "Mountain."

Asheni [ah-sheh-nee] Angel. (Cree)

Reliance [reh-ligh-ehnss] Reliable Girl. (Early American)

Radiance [ray-dee-ehnss] Radiant. w (English)

Fairamay [fair-rah-may] Fair Maiden. (Middle English)

Wulfred [wuhlf-frehd] Peaceful Wolf. m (Old English)
    "Wulf": "Wolf" + "Fred": "Peace."

Kaja [kigh-yah] Echo. w (Estonian)

Tapio [tah-pee-oh] Spirit of the Forest. m (Finnish)

Elan [ay-lahn] Life Force. m (French)
    Elan Vital [ay-lahn vee-tal] Vital Life Force.

Fainne [fawn-yah] Ring (halo). w (Gaelic)
    Fainne Geal [fawn-yah gal] "Ring of Brightness" (dawning), the dawn.

Brenneka [breh-neh-kah] Fire, Blazing Sword. w (Germanic)
     (swords are made by fire, for warriors, thus, Brandon)

Stavros [stahv-rohss] The Cross. m (Greek)
    fr "Stauros": "Cross."

Makani [mah-kahn-nee] Wind. m (Hawaiian)

Avital [ah-vee-tal] Dew from God. w (Hebrew)
    "Avi": "Father" (God) + "Tal": "Dew."

Jeevarani [jee-var-rahn-nee] Queen of Life. (Hindi)
    "Jiva": "Life" + "Rani": "Queen."

Ezenwa [ehz-zehn-wah] Child of the King. m (Igbo)
    "Eze": "King" + "Nwa": "Child."

Chayna [chay-nah] Song Bird. wm (Inca)

Chimala [chee-mah-lah] Beauty. w (Ixil Maya)
    fr "Chimal": "Beauty."

Namika [nah-mee-kah] Wave Flower. w (Japanese)

Kirima [keer-ree-mah] Mountain. (Kikuyu)
  Kiri-Nyaga [kee-ree nee-yah-gah] White Mountain.
    "Kiri": "Mountain" + "Nyaga": "White" (snow).
    Resting place of their supreme being, God Mwene Nyaga (or, Ngai).

Terranova [tair-rah-noh-vah] New Earth. w (Latin)
    "Terra': "Earth" + "Nova": "New."

Kitane [kee-tah-nee] Big River. m (Lenape)

Tiesa [tee-eh-sah] Truth. w (Lithuanian)

Keshen [keh-shehn] Profound. m (Mandarin)

Nataani [nah-tah-nee] A Leader. (mw) (Navajo)

Troen [troo-ehn] Belief, Faith. m (Norwegian)

Parvane [par-vahn-nay] Moth. w (Persian)

Yachay [yah-chay] Knowledgeable, Wise One. mw (Quechua)

Radich [rad-dihk] Joy. m (Russian)

Charunetra [char-roo-neh-trah] Beautiful Eyes. w (Sanskrit)
    "Charu": "Beautiful" + "Netra": "Eyes."

Gavran [gahv-rahn] Raven. m (Serbian/Croatian)

Shamiso [shah-mee-soh] "A Great Surprise!" w ((Shona)

Wakanna [wah-kahn-nah] Sacred One. wm (Sioux)
  "Wakan": "Sacred"

Isla [eez-lah] Island, a beautiful paradise. w (Spanish)

Johari [joh-har-ree] Jewel. w (Swahili)

Geiruna [geer-roon-nah] "Spear of Wisdom"
    fr "Geir": "Spear" + "Runa": "Mystical Script" (Swedish)

Denzin [dehn-zihn] Upholder of the Truth. m (Tibetan)
    (a dialect is: Tenzin, the original name of the Dalai Lama).

Senay [sheh-nigh] Merry Moon. w (Turkish)
    "Sen" [shehn] "Merry" + "Ay" [i] "Moon."

Avalon [av-vah-lawn] "Land of Apples". w (Welsh)
    "Afal"[ah-val] "Apple" + "Lon" is "Land"

Akin [ah-keen] Brave One, A Hero. m (Yoruba)

Naiya [nigh-yah] The Dreamer. (Yucateco Maya)

Kosan [koh-sahn] A Leader. m (Zulu)

  4,000 MORE Great Names in the book.

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Best Exotic Baby Names book

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