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Kona Namiid
Intense Star Dancer

"Kona": "Intensity" (Hawaiian)
"Namiid": "Dancer" (Ojibwe)
    Namiid is legendary Ojibwe Star-Dancer,
    meaning both Ceremonial Drumming & Dancing.

Sioux Braves
The real names of brave warriors from the 1800's...

_________________ White Shield  
    Yellow Hawk
    "Cetan" (chetan): "Hawk" + "Gi": "Yellow"

Kangi Maza
[Kahng-gee mah-zah]
    Iron Crow
      "Kangi": "Crow" + "Maza": "Iron" (hardest substance, metal).

    Clown (powerful being)
    He acts crazy, but is very powerful, and dialed into the universe, and is actually, a very powerful and mystical being.
He was one of Crazy Horse's band members, his life-long friend.

Mato Chante
[mah-toh chahn-tay]
    Bear Heart
      "Mato": "Bear" + "Chante": "Heart."

Tate Yuhamani
[tah-tay yoo-hah-mah-nee]
    Wind Carries Walker
      "Tate": "Wind" + "Yuha": "Carries" + "Mani": "Walker"

Tehan Peta
[tay-hahn pay-tah]
    Ancient Fire
      "Tehan": "Long Ago" (ancient) + "Peta": "Fire."

Sioux Women

Anpo Luta Win
[ann-poh loo-tah wihn]
    Red Dawn Woman
      "Anpo": "Dawn" + "Luta": "Red" + "Win": "Woman"
She was there when Custer was stopped on the Little Big Horn River in 1876.

Tashina Sapawin
[tah-shee-nah sah-pah-wihn]
    Black Shawl Woman
      "Tashina": "Shawl" + "Sapa": "Black" + "Win": "Woman"

    "Wind Woman"
      "Tate": "Wind" + "Win": "Woman"

Wichapi Win
[wee-chah-pee wihn]
    Star Woman
      "Wichapi": "Star" + "Win": "Woman"

Wihopa Win
[wee-hoh-pah wihn]
    Astonishing Woman
      "Wihopa": "Astonishing" + "Win": "Woman"

Zintkala Ska
[zeent-kah-lah skah]
    White Bird
      "Zintkala": "Bird" + "Ska": "White"



Tashunka Witco

"Crazy Horse"

[tah-shoon-kah weet-koh]
Tashunka [tah-shoon-kah] Great Dog, a horse.
Witco [weet-koh] Crazy.

“Tanka”: “Great” (big) + “Sunka” [shoonk-kah] “Dog.”
To the Sioux, horses looked like big dogs.
("S" [sh] sound, so "Tasunka" can be written "Tashunka")

  Crazy Horse is famous for surviving every battle, bullets flew through him and his horse, never having any effect on them. Once in a hail of bullets, he got off his horse to examine it's hoof.
  He explained his ability this way... this world is made of shadows, it is made up of just the shadows of the real world - which is behind it, and Crazy Horse, both he and his horse, entered the real world to survive all his battles. The soldiers were only shooting at their shadows.

Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse

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